10 Ways to Save Paper

  1. Use both sides of every piece of paper.  Find out how to make double sided copies when you photocopy.  If you have a piece of paper that is printed on one side only, use the back as rough paper before you finally put it in the recycling box.
  2. Schools and offices are some of the worst offenders for sending out sheaves of A4 sized single sided letters and memos with only a couple of lines of text.  Could you send out that memo A5?  Could you include several topics in one letter?
  3. Stop junk mail by contacting the Mailing Preference Service  and asking to have your name removed from mailing lists. This will reduce it a bit. Also try sending mail back marked ‘Moved Away Please Return To Sender’ – most places get the message eventually! You can also stop that annoying junk that the postman puts through your door by writing to Royal Mail Door to Door Opt Out, Kingsmead House, Oxpens Road, Oxford, OX1 1RX.
  4. Always tick the box to say that you do not want to be sent marketing material whenever you apply for anything by post or online.
  5. Did you realise that Yellow Pages cannot be collected in either the paper banks or kerbside collection schemes in some areas?  Check with your local council to find your nearest dedicated Yellow Pages collection bank.
  6. To stop unwanted free newspapers and leaflets you could phone the companies concerned but a small polite sign on your door asking that no circulars or free newspapers are delivered will probably be more effective.
  7. E-mail or telephone rather than send a letter, and receive documents and statements electronically if given the option. Pay your bills by Direct Debit and ask to receive Bank Statements less frequently.
  8. Old magazines will always be accepted gratefully by many organisations (and by your friends!). Donate them to hospitals, GP surgeries, dentists, libraries or anywhere with a waiting room.
  9. Buy books second hand or borrow books and magazines from your local library.
  10. Remember that people used to use newspaper as toilet paper!

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