Where Can I Recycle…Floppy Disks?

Floppy Disk

If you have been into computors for more than a few years, you may have a stack of redundant floppy disks stashed away. You don’t want them to go to landfill, so can they be recycled?

We have been able to track down a couple of companies that do recycle that sort of thing however note that they are commercial organisations and charge for their services. If this is what you are looking for try http://www.aawaste.co.uk/Floppy-Disc-And-CD-Destruction-Recycling-and-Shredding.html

Otherwise it is suggested that individuals contact their local council about recycling them.

If any of the discs are genuine, original versions of commercial software (i.e. not copies) you might have some luck selling them on eBay, there does seem to be a small market for that sort of thing. However many people are offering blank or used discs but they don’t seem to attract many bids!

There are a number of creative ideas for reusing floppy disks (not just as coasters) by making something out of them, such as this bag http://www.instructables.com/id/Floppy-Disk-Bag/ which is rather clever or you could make your own model of the Starship Enterprise.

Do you know of any organsations which will accept them from individuals for reuse or recycling? Do you have any other great ideas for recycling them? Contact Us and let us know.


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